Our Planet

All too often in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we forget about the impact we have on this wonderful planet that we live. So long has humanity sacraficed the earth for progress, that the state of the planet is now widely regarded as a global epidemic.  Plant and animal species are threatened with extinction everyday.  Our polar ice caps, rainforests, and ozone layer are deteriorating.  The air we breathe is polluted and the water we drink is contaminated.  This year VYbE wants to give back to Mother Earth, by starting in our own community.  

Evergreen is a not-for-profit organization that makes cities more livable. By deepening the connection between people and nature, and empowering Canadians to take a hands-on approach to their urban environments, Evergreen is improving the health of our cities—now and for the future.

We believe that no plot is too small to sow the seeds of change.

Evergreen’s Mission

Evergreen’s mission is to bring communities and nature together for the benefit of both.

Evergreen’s Vision

Evergreen envisions a sustainable society where individuals live in harmony with and contribute meaningfully to their local environment. Evergreen will be at the forefront of the movement to create this society, by empowering communities, by creating innovative resources and by transforming educational values.

Find out more about Evergreen at http://www.evergreen.ca.

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